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“Mom…I just love homeschool!” <sound of car brakes screeching to a halt>.   These were the words my 7-year-old DS suddenly blurted out this past Wednesday afternoon, while in the midst of playing a home made math board game to reinforce his math facts.

“You WHAT?”  I replied, not completely sure that the waxectomy one of my homeschool friends so kindly performed on my clogged ear a few weeks ago actually cleared out ALL of the wax.

“I love homeschool!” he repeated with a huge, dimpled grin.

“You DO????” I asked, quite incredulously.

“Yeah…and when I have kids I want them to homeschool, too!”, he added.  Ah! <joyful scream>  Music to my homeschool ears! 

Why in the world he decided to make those feelings known to me at this point in his life, at that moment of the day, is a mystery to me.  I mean…HE’S SEVEN YEARS OLD!  He HAS no other point of reference except this life which he lives!  He has no idea what it’s like NOT to be homeschooled, to get on the bus everyday, to spend all day away from his family.  And to be honest, it has not been the most pleasant around here this past school year for we’ve certainly had our share of challenges:  reading difficulties, curriculums that don’t work, uncooperative spirits from both parent and child, mom being overcommitted with volunteer efforts, kids being overcommitted with their activities, messy house, messy finances, grumpy mom…you get the idea.

So why the sudden declaration?  And why at that moment?  Perhaps he was enjoying winning the math game we were playing (for which he gets a prize every time he wins).  Or perhaps he was well rested and in an exceptionally good mood.  Perhaps even because mommy seemed to be enjoying herself while playing the game with him.  Or maybe because it was a day without tears.   Or maybe it was God revealing His perfect grace in His own perfect time.

The truth is…I have no earthly idea why my DS uttered those words.  But I sure would love to keep repeating that situation time and time again!  <sigh>  But alas, the moment came…and left…with no indication on when it would ever return.

In the meantime, however, I remain simply over-the-moon, deliriously grateful to have shared that moment with my DS.  And it’s my intent to keep replaying that beautiful, precious, encouraging, happy music in my mind over and over and over again with the hope that I will continue to recall it during those moments of frustration, exasperation and desperation that I know are inevitably in our homeschool future.

“Mom…I just love homeschool”.  Yes…sweet, sweet music to my ears indeed!



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