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Suddenly and without warning I was unable to connect to the iTunes Store from my Vista home computer. It just hung there in the “Loading…” phase. I could access the iTunes Store from each of the other computers in my house but that didn’t help me any. How utterly annoying to lose access to the iTunes Store, podcasts, album artwork, etc. from the only computer in my house on which I keep my iTunes library…and for no apparent reason.

For DAYS I tried every conceivable internet suggestion to resolve the problem including: modifying router settings, anti-virus settings, firewall settings, iTunes settings, browser settings, uninstalling, re-installing, rebooting, doing a system restore…to no avail. And Apple’s website was pathetically useless.

Then some tech-head, aka “My Hero”, offered this 60-second solution from an online forum: delete the iTunes preferences file in two places. Here’s how:

1. Close iTunes.

2. Delete the iTunesPrefs.xml file from C:\Users\+user name+\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes.

3. Delete the iTunesPrefs.xml file from C:\Users\+user name+\AppData\Local\Apple Computer\iTunes.

4. Launch iTunes & follow the setup prompts.

Voilà! I be iTunes happy again!


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