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Another clever fellow was recently added to my hero list. He wrote some code to fix the annoying “Print Cartridge Error” that HP printers display whenever the ink cartridges have met their expiration date. This happens to those individuals who prefer to use the same ink cartridge to refill their ink supply for pennies rather than drop a bundle of cash on new cartridges, and it also happens to those individuals who use their printer infrequently and/or buys a lot of cartridges on eBay and stockpiles them.

I spent days Googling and trying all the convoluted attempts to “fake” the printer into thinking it’s an earlier point in time to no avail. I was ready to tear the darn box apart to find that elusive battery when I stumbled upon said hero on some now-forgotten forum. I emailed the chap and he promptly mailed me his fix. It literally took 2 minutes to install and he graciously provided much needed comic relief with his installation commentary during the process. It worked like a charm on my HP Officejet 5510!

So if you are as fed up as I and countless others have been, drop a line to said hero and ask him to email you his fix.   Thanks a million, Dan!

UPDATE 2/26/2011:  Please don’t ask me to send you this fix.  It’s not mine to give out.  Contact the developer of the fix instead.


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