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This time last week I was a full 6 days behind in my reading.  I should have been at Day 42 but I was stuck at Day 36 as a result of assorted illness and afflictions that ravaged our household.  Not only was I 6 days behind, but I had, what I personally believed to be, the most challenging book to read ahead of me: the Book of Job.  I honestly felt the enemy was at hand.

No matter.  I may have been behind but I sure wasn’t going to allow the enemy to keep me from goal.  So here are 5 things I did to get myself caught up:

  1. I didn’t panic. This is a biggie.  Panic has a way of taking our eyes off the mark.  Every day that went by that I wasn’t permitted to read, I refused to panic.  I kept assuring myself that God would help me find a way to get to it the following day.  And I KEPT reassuring myself even when after a week I  was still behind.  God is sooo good!
  2. I doubled up on my reading. I figured if I could read two days worth of reading in one, I could catch up within a week.  I’m so smart. Goofy
  3. I pushed my bedtime out another 40 minutes. Because of the structure of my days during that week, the only time I could read was before lights out.  It wasn’t the best time for me as I was still recovering from illness and was exhausted by day’s end but it was THE ONLY time available…and I was thankful to have it.
  4. I continued to read ATTENTIVELY. This was also key.  I learned during my first B90Days Challenge back in the Summer of 2010 that rushing through to get caught up made the effort void and null.  So I made sure that I didn’t rush through the make-up reading and was intentional in reading every word ATTENTIVELY.  I found myself highlighting more passages in make-up mode than I did during my regular reading!  I also found it gave me more peace through the process.
  5. Did I mention I didn’t panic? 🙂

Being a left-brained Type-A personality, I have a tendency to freak out if I’m behind schedule.  But I’m learning that the world won’t become unglued if it happens…and goals can still be achieved.  I’ve waited 47 years to read the bible through the first time.  And 6 months later I am doing it again.  It’s where God wants me to be…regardless if I’m on schedule or not and He wants me to keep my eye on the prize: HIM.

If you find yourself behind in your reading and feel like throwing in the towel, I hope my suggestions will help you.  Send me an email and I’ll pray with you!

In Him,


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