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I’m 85% of the way through this 90-day challenge and, yikes!… has it ever started to FEEL like a challenge these past few weeks! I didn’t expect that AT ALL considering the content in the New Testament is so much easier to read than in the Old Testament. But I did underestimate my available time during the course of my day as our homeschooling work load increased and as our events calendar quickly started to fill up this month.  For the first time during this journey, I found myself consistently 2-3 days, sometimes 4 days, behind schedule.  The good news is I was able to get all caught up thanks to a camping trip that took my husband and boys out of the house this weekend. 🙂

A major milestone that I reached on this challenge so far was reading the entire Old Testament from start to finish for the first time in my life. Woot! Woot!  As of this writing, I’m in the book of Acts in the New Testament. Reading the first four gospels in a row in a matter of days was a personally moving experience for me. It was more powerful to me than reading it during any previous bible reading plan. It seemed to have much more clarity and emphasis. Reading through the book of John was especially so.

What an incredible blessing this challenge has been for me! I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me over the next 13 days as I aim for two more milestones: reading the New Testament from start to finish AND, at the same time, reading the ENTIRE BIBLE from cover to cover!

T-minus 13 days & counting!


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Yes, I’ve been quiet for a few weeks on this topic but not because I fell out of the “Bible in 90 Days Challenge”.  To the contrary: I am still in it and am more than halfway through!  It’s been a busy season as of late as homeschooling has taken the forefront after returning from our travels.  It’s exhausting!  But I’m current on my reading and so happy about my progress.  We’re in Isaiah now.

T-minus 40 days and counting!

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Whew!  Still on track after 34 days on the Bible in 90 Days Challenge! And exactly half of those days we were vacationing and/or traveling, including a 2-night side trip to get my eye lasered in San Diego!  Other than carrying it with me (via iPad) everywhere I go, one of the keys to my success so far has been to READ THIS BOOK FIRST before I pick up any other.  This essentially has meant that I have not been reading any other books for the last 34 days simply because my day doesn’t allow for anything extra.  I’m not complaining, though.  To the contrary: I’m THRILLED to have gotten this far and continue to feel that reading the bible in 90 days is absolutely 100% achieveable.  In fact, for the past few weeks I’ve actually been looking forward to the following day’s reading; a first for me where bible reading is concerned!

The only personal disappointment I’ve had during the past few weeks is not being  able to participate in the weekly tweet-ups with my fellow B90-ers because of our vacation/travel schedule.  All that should normalize in about another week, however.

Keep lifting us up, oh, faithful B90 Prayer Warriors!

T-minus 56 days…and counting!

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I was feeling all pretty good about myself at the beginning of last week when I was a full 5 days ahead of schedule in order to prepare for upcoming vacation schedules. That was short-lived.   Turns out it wasn’t vacation that set me back the rest of last week…Vacation Bible School did! Who knew that part-time volunteer work at 5 days of VBS could zap every last bit of energy I had? I had been suspecting for some time now on how pathetically unfit I was but that week resolutely confirmed it for me.

Anyway, I’m back on schedule as of today. Phew. And just in time…our family vacation starts tomorrow <biting my nails>.  I am secretly hoping to get some reading time in on the 7-hour flight but, then again, I could also be spiraling into delusion since we are towing 5 kids between the ages of 5 & 10.  Soooo…I need those B90 prayer warriors to keep sending up those prayers, please!

See y’all on the other side,

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Officially, I’m on Day 11 of the Bible in 90 Days Challenge. Unofficially, I’m really on Day 16 (yay me!).  I’ve been reading ahead whenever and wherever possible (have trusty iPad, will travel). The reason I have never been successful in previous (year-long) bible reading plans is because I inevitably get behind in my reading during periods of travel, of which our family takes many each year, then quickly become overwhelmed and discouraged by the backlog. Ultimately, I give up from such pathetic discipline.

Not this time. This time I’m ahead of the game. And staying there. I wonder if my B90 facilitator and assigned B90 mentor praying for me all the time has anything to do with it???  Thank you, Amy and Jennifer!

T-minus 74 days…and counting!

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3 days down, 87 to go!  I’m feeling good, confident and not at all daunted at the 12-page a day approach.  I’m feeling especially giddy in using my iPad to read through the 90 day challenge.  I have two e-reader apps downloaded so far: Apple’s iBooks and Amazon’s Kindle.  I’m using Kindle to read the B90 Bible because Apple didn’t sell it on the iTunes store (their loss).

How do I love the iPad as an e-reader?  Let me count the ways:

  1. The iPad is so thin and portable that I can take it with me everywhere (by purse, by tote, by handled neoprene case).  And I do.
  2. I can highlight, bookmark and make as many notes as I want.
  3. I can carry hundreds of books with me at a time, although on average I only read 2-3 at a time.
  4. Like most e-readers, I can adjust the font to a comfortable size which decreases eye fatigue.
  5. I no longer need to dedicate precious bookshelf space to my favorite books because I can keep them on my e-reader app forever and ever.
  6. The Pièce de Résistance: unlike the Amazon Kindle or other e-readers, the iPad has gorgeous back light for reading in the dark.  My husband can happily sleep uninterrupted in total darkness  while I happily read in bed with my awesome back light.

These are just a few bennies to owning an iPad but there are many others all of which will have to wait for a future blog posting.

Looking forward to Day4 of 90!

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I need more fingers and toes to  count how many times I’ve begun and never finished a year-long daily bible reading plan.   I’m not sure if it’s the plan or me.  Since I’m loathe to find fault with anything I do <snort>, it must be the plan.  So when I stumbled across the Bible in 90 Days Challenge, I signed up with renewed hope that I could actually do this.  And to do it as part of an online group effort via MomsToolBox to keep me accountable is right up my alley.  And so it begins…twelve pages at a time.  I can do this!

So, am I crazy?

P.S. Faultlessness notwithstanding, I do covet your prayers to be successful in this endeavor!

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