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Eyeglass ball & chain

I’ve had perfect vision my entire life up until around the age of 40 when I finally had to break down and buy dime-store reading glasses because presbyopia, otherwise known as aging eyes, finally set in.  Since then it’s been 7 years of continually degrading vision with the need to purchase higher and higher magnification lenses and, ultimately, prescription bifocals.  I have been literally chained around the neck by what my younger brother non-affectionately refers to as “coke-bottle granny glasses” (by the way, he has not so coincidentally been promised that he will suffer my same fate soon enough).

Up-down-up-down-up-down onto my face with the glasses all the live long day.  This was particularly dangerous while driving because I couldn’t see the GPS instructions on my iPhone without my glasses on yet I couldn’t see distance with them on.  Forget texting and driving; shifting glasses off & on while driving is waaaaaay more dangerous. And never mind trying to wear sunglasses and read; you either go blind from the sun or you can’t read the print.  And quite frankly, I was worn out from sitting on, stepping on, getting tangled in or panicking because I  just plain couldn’t find my glasses.

Fortunately, where once-upon-a-time LASIK surgery could not be performed on patients with presbyopia, it is available with today’s laser technology.  A quick 2-night trip to San Diego to the Gordon & Weiss Vision Institute and I no longer need that chain around my neck.  I CAN SEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  Within minutes after my procedure I could read my surgeon’s business card.  Twenty-four hours later I could read the name of my watch maker on the face of my watch; something I was not even able to do WITH my glasses.  I can once again see the tiny freckles on my kid’s faces and be reminded how handsome my husband is.  This vision correction has been an indescribable gift of the highest order.

Why did I use the  Gordon & Weiss Vision Institute when I live on the East Coast?  Simple:

  1. They came highly recommended by personal friends of mine (also east-coasters).
  2. They have an impressive website presence detailing every possible aspect of eye correction, including LASIK surgery, for every possible eye problem.
  3. They have an impressive facility with state-of-the-art equipment that not many other eye institutes have (certainly not within the Philadelphia metropolitan area).
  4. They have a 0% infection rate.
  5. I was impressed that Dr. Gordon wasn’t out to financially ruin me.  While I was fully prepared and even DESIRED the multi-focal procedure in both my eyes, he alternatively recommended mono-vision correction in one eye only.  When I challenged him on the reasons behind his recommendation he simply responded with “Why do to two eyes what you can accomplish with one?”  He EASILY could have pushed the two-eye agenda but didn’t; he chose the solution that was best for the patient and not his wallet. 
  6. I was able to pay for the entire cost of the surgery through Care Credit, a third party financial institution that offered 18-months interest free payments.
  7. Last but certainly not least, the miracle that Dr. Gordon performed on my eye notwithstanding, I was incredibly impressed with the way I was treated from the first moment I stepped foot into that facility for my free 2-hour eye consultation until the last moment when I left their facility after my post-op check-up.  From the front office gal to the optometrists to the back office people to the surgeon:  EVERYONE treated me as though I was their ONLY client and that the success of their business in the future depended on my 100% satisfaction.  I was given the red carpet treatment from start to finish.   You can’t get that on the east coast where most people in the medical profession are just plain rude, tired, hurried, make you feel as though you are bothering them and think that the only reason they can overcharge by at least 100% is because they boast about the celebrity eyes they’ve corrected.  Sorry, not impressed.

I HIGHLY recommend anyone who desires corrective eye surgery to go with the very best:  Gordon & Weiss Vision Institute in San Diego!  Thank you, Dr. Gordon and staff!  I am truly blessed!!!

Praising the Lord for great doctors, great medicine & great vision!


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