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Our family has survived our second week of the TV/gaming fast with zero fanfare.  Some have asked “How can you call it a fast if it’s not absolute?” since we will allow TV and computer access on exception (for example,  school & work related matters).   I liken it to the Old Testament “Daniel fast”.  Daniel and his friends refused to eat the rich foods from the royal table and ate vegetables & fruit instead.  After 10 days they appeared to be healthier than the other Israelite captives (Daniel 1:8-16).  While our TV/gaming fast is not 100% absolute unplugging, it has proved to be a healthier choice already: more rest, more human interaction, less attitude.

Although of everyone in the family I think I suffered the most this week the night hubby and kids left me in the house alone for 5 hours while they went to watch the Phillies vs. Braves in Philadelphia.  That night wasn’t just ANY night.  It was THE season premiere of Glee, one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows.  There was also that Netflix  DVD of Ironman sitting on our desk taunting me for the past week.  I was Glee’s own Sue Sylvester incarnate that evening, continually berating myself for even considering such an insane idea as a TV fast.  What on God’s green earth could I have been thinking?

The good news is I somehow remained distracted with the backlog of to-dos I had waiting for me and didn’t otherwise cave in to my burning desire to indulge myself in front of the “glowing rectangle”  (a term coined by a dear friend of mine) .  It had to have been none other than God’s grace for I am absolutely incapable of such self-discipline, ESPECIALLY when no one is around to see me.

The rest of the week, thankfully, was a cake walk for me.  My kids are still counting down the days until the end of the fast and hubby is hanging in there…not complaining or grumbling (at least not to me).  However, Mr. Mallard, our pet duck is deliriously happy as he has been getting much more one-on-one time with each member of our family than before the fast when into effect.

Here’s to hoping that the next 2 weeks get even easier!


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